Live Streaming

Live stream your conference, awards ceremony, public announcement, live gig or any other event to your audience anywhere in the world to any device, with the same standard of detail on the stage and set design with audio and video production incorporated. Your audience can participate in your event on any device on the platform of your choice; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, other social media platforms or even your own website if it has the capacity. Engage your audience with multiple camera feeds as well as presentations, Facetime or Skype calls included in your show so call-ins and Q&As couldn’t be easier. Or, if you want to get that perfect take we can edit multiple takes and send it out “live” so you’ll never have to worry if “it’ll be alright on the night”!

Want to add live streaming of your event to target both your live audience and a virtual audience? We can do that too allowing you to reach a far larger audience without worrying about venue capacity. 

Our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure your live streaming event is as well produced as any live event. We use the latest technology and top brands, including Black Magic for the vision mixer and Canon 4k cameras. Get ready for the future of events.

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