Advance DIY


This DIY disco system is easy to set up to and is made up of  two speakers, two bass speaker, four disco lights, two laser lights, one smoke machine and the ability to connect any type of music device IE Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Laptop, MP3.



Advance DIY DISCO SYSTEM is for when you have a larger party catering for an audience size of 70 to 150 people. The audience size is depended on room size. Don’t go by size it’s always better to have a large system giving you a big sound and the volume should you need it.

This system consists of 2 speakers and 2 subs, 4 lights. All cables and a small mixer allowing you to control the volume. You will be given a full demo on collections all cables needed including a 3.5mm jack cable suitable for any iPhone, iPod, iPad, Laptop, MP3.

Simply plug in and hit the play button set the volume and enjoy your event. Everything you need to have a dance floor thumping and a great atmosphere. Just add guests.

None of these systems are complicated to set up or heavy, these DIY systems have all been put together for that reason. When you collect a full demonstration is given and if you have any troubles we are on the end of a phone but we’ve never had any as every system is checked before leaving us and electrically checked so a Full Pat Testing Certificate is available upon request.

We also offer a drop-off and collection service, save you running around trying to fit everything in and also we can help set up if you aren’t confident. Contact Us for more information.

Included in advance DIY Disco System is two pairs of lighting effects, they move to the sound of the beat. Simple plugin with all the cables provided and within seconds you will have your guests going WOW! Not only with lights but with the sound will leave them talking about your event.

A suitable mixer is also supplied allowing you to adjust volume easily, also giving you option a microphone for speeches or announcements. Check out some of our optional EXTRAS for microphones, extra lighting such as up lighters and a smoke machine if your venue allows them.

DIY DISCO SYSTEM – Birthday Party – Speakers for a Party – Speaker system on a budget