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d&b Q1 Hire

Line Array

The d&b Q1 is a passive 2-way loudspeaker housing two 10″ LF drivers positioned in a dipolar arrangement and a 1.3″ HF compression driver fitted to a toroidal waveshaping device.

The 75° constant directivity horizontal dispersion pattern is maintained down to 400 Hz, while the vertical HF dispersion of 15° allows the Q1 to be used to construct vertical columns that produce a curved coherent wavefront.

Frequency response (-5 dB) 100 Hz – 17 kHz
Max. Sound pressure (1m, free field) With D6 136 dB – With D12/D80 139 dB
Nominal dispersion angle (h x v) 75° x 15°
Dimensions (H x W x D) 308 x 580 x 410 mm
Weight 22 kg

All of our d&b Q1 is maintained to the highest of stands, we make sure the foam grills are clean and tidy. As we know the importance of presentation.

Why not dro our friendly hire team a message on hire@audiolightdesign.co.uk


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