Welcome to our DIY Parties

These DIY party packages are aimed at individuals who are having a wedding, birthday party, bbq event. They also work great for the people who just want their music louder at a gathering, giving your guests an amazing time. Leaving with that WOW feeling!

Is it easy to set up?

All of our systems are designed with a novice in mind. They are simple to set up, easy to plug in and sound / look amazing.

Our speaker systems are compact and lightweight. This means that you will not need a large van just to play some music at your party. All of our systems are designed so that you can collect it your self. 

Our lighting fx are simple to use, they just need a supplied power cable plugged into them and they do the rest. This gives you less stress and more time to party.

Here at Audio Light Design see give you full demo when you collection giving you peace of mind, of course if you don’t have transport or time restraints. We are able to help you with delivery/collection and also set up if need! Contact our Team today!

So what do you get for your money?

Each DIY Party Package is supplied with a simple audio controller, allowing devices such as tablets, phones and laptops to be connected. This will then allow you to play music from online streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon or iTunes music to all of your guests.

Why Choose us?

Our DIY Party Packages are built with professional, reliable equipment that is fully PAT tested and insured. (PAT testing certificates are available if required). Our packages look and sound great, and the best thing is that they all fit in the back of most car!

DIY Parties

Take a look at our packages below. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.